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Service Locations…

Service locations uses electronic signals through conducting assets to accurately locate services and depth in the ground.  Using Service Locations to find these services allows them to then be potholed and documented accuretly saving time and money.



 Potholing is conducted prior to ground excavation to get a visual on a service or asset. When potholing, you are using a non-destructive way of digging around the assets to expose for viewing.  Once the asset has been validated, excavation around the asset can begin.

Vacuum (Hyrdro) Excavation combines water with high pressure vacuum suction to dig holes and expose assets.  It is done so with the precision of the operator, to remove the dirt, mud, rock and slurry to the excavated area.  All mess is sucked straight into the holding tank on our truck, so sites are left mess free.


Why use Sucked In Vacuum Excavations…….

If your unsure of Service Locations or need to get a visual on services, then Sucked In Vacuum Excavations electronically locate any service or infrastructure asset that can conduct electricity. Once the service has been marked on the ground Sucked In Vacuum Excavations can pothole (Vacuum Excavate or Hydro Excavate) all services without damaging the assets.

Here at Sucked In Vacuum Excavation, we are trained to locate and pothole services, having an in depth understanding of the ground and what services are in it.   We have all the equipment to safely expose the services, and work within accordance to the Asset Owner’s requirements and legislation.


Why Use Vacuum Excavations

Vacuum Excavation is non destructive digging, and can save you thousands of dollars if your hit any major asset in the ground.  Completing an asset map at the beginning of the construction phase, can rule out any unforeseen issues arising with in ground assets in the future.

We can dig holes to certain sizes, and safely adjust water pressure and proximity to the asset, to safely excavate without causing damage.


What Sucked In Vacuum Excavations can do for you…….


Holes can be just big enough for a visual or large enough so that the service or asset can be identified for size, type, quantity, quality depth and orientation or maintenance or repairs to the assest. This is recommended to be completed on any site prior to major construction beginning.

If the service is none conductive Sucked In Vacuum Excavations can arrange ground penetrating radar to assist in locating and then vacuum excavation can proceed. If there are multiple services within a footpath area, then a sight trench can be done from boundary to footpath, this includes under concrete footpaths. This can be performed in the road as well.

Once all services have been accounted for and checked off, backfilling and reinstatement can be performed. If the client needs service to be visible for future reference, then Sucked In Vacuum Excavations can install a viewing conduit onto the service.

Vacuum or hydro excavations is widely used for service locating as our high-pressure water pumps can be turned up and down to limit any damage that may be caused due to services age and material. Also, in so many cases the service that need to be identified is in a hard to reach area and excavators or mini diggers can not access the site.

At Sucked In Vacuum Excavations our truck and dig holes up to three meters deep and to any width necessary at distances of up to forty meters away and only need as little as a small walkway to fit pipework down.

Sucked In Vacuum Excavations has been potholing and service locating from Brisbane to Gympie for over 14 years. Our team has been helping all types of clients like electricians, plumbers, drillers, civil road construction, surveyors, tree transplanters, concreters, drainage companies, fencers, engineers.

To see what we can do for you, please give John Merritt a call on 0421 865 633 or email  to discuss and questions you have regarding Potholing Services.

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