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With over a decade of experience, Sucked In Vacuum Excavations is ready to tackle jobs large and small.


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Sucked In Vacuum Excavations is a family-owned and operated company that has been delivering high-quality service to clients from The Sunshine Coast, Brisbane to Gympie and the hinterland areas for more than 14 years.

The use of ‘Non-Destructive Vacuum Excavations’ has become a major part of civil works as it does not damage existing assets and services already in the ground.

We offer a 4,000l Vacuum Excavation Truck carrying 2,000l of water. Our truck is smaller than average, therefore allowing it to fit into tight spaces. Tight Squeeze tip truck available and / or a small trailer for backfilling.

Our high pressure rotating water nozzles along with high-pressure suction will cut through most ground types without trouble. Sucked In Vacuum Excavations can dig trenches to any width with a maximum depth of 3m. Potholing Services is made safe as the water will not cut through pipes or cabling so there is no expensive fix if an excavator digs up an asset.

When doing pothole services for survey purposes, we can backfill as we go so no hazards are left behind. If you have a blocked drain we can camera the pipe with our CCTV camera, find the broken pipe, dig it up and fix it.

Our Jetter can clean out pipes up to 250mm in diameter. We can also clean up concrete slurry from aggregate wash offs, suck drawstrings through pipes, and dig under footpaths and driveways and other existing assets to save on time, mess and money!



A type of vacuum excavation used when want certain services found. Potholing is done so there is a positive idea of what utilities services, electrical & plumbing pipes or anything in the ground that needs to be located. Electronic locations are used before we dig to confirm where the services are, minimalising the size of the hole required to dig.

Pole / Post Holes

Services in the road and can’t drill holes? Can’t get an excavator in? Then vacuum excavation is the way to go!! We can reach to 3.2 m deep and get into the places excavators cant! We can save you time and money by digging the correct size hole for pole/post to fit perfectly into the ground.


Tight space, can’t get a excavator in, or to many services in the ground? Then vacuum excavation trenching is the way to go! We can dig past almost anything without fear of damage and leave the site clean. Non Destructive Digging (NDD) can go under driveways or foothpaths, under and around trees, practically anywhere you need a trench dug. The trench can be tailored to whatever size or shape you need. And no need to worry about the mess, we suck up all the waste and take it away, leaving your site clean.

Pit or Valve Excavation

Vacuum Excavation is used to gain access into pits that are too hard to get into, ie confined stages full of liquid or unsafe to use.
We locate and expose any valves for maintenance, upgrades and emergency repair.
Stormwater pit blocked or full? Limited access? Confined Space? Then Vacuum Excavation can get it done without entering the pit. Any size down to depths of 5m where entry to the out is possible.

Pipe Jetting

Block drains? Broken Pipe? We jet up to 250mm to cleaning and unblock debris from stormwater drains and pipes. We can reach a total jetting distance of 30m. We suck up the waste into the tank on the truck and take it away, leaving you a clean / unblocked pipe!

Footing Extraction / Cleanout

Need to pull out an old pole footing or post? We will excavate a small trench around the footing so a crane or excavator with lifting chains can pull it out! This keeping the whole a smaller size so a new footing can be installed in or minimal backfill is needed.

Footing cleanout is used after excavators have drilled footing holes and there is too much debris in the bottom. It’s the easiest, cleanest and most efficient way cleanout the footings.


We can suck up waste (not sewerage) from concrete slurry to drillers waste and dispose of it. The use of vacuum trucks in cleanup ensures that any chemicals used are not left behind from works do not enter stormwater, waterways or the ocean.
Using high-pressure water in itself is an effective way to clean up. From residues to mold, graffiti, paint & stains.

Bio Retention Basins

Bioretention basins are landscaped depressions or shallow basins used to slow and treat on-site stormwater runoff. Stormwater is forced into these basins. These basins become clogged and filled with sand, soil, rocks and other debris. We can come and clear the debris and return basin to back to a perfect working order.

Tree Root & Stumps

Tree roots entering your storm water pipe? Lifting your pavers? Cracking your Concrete? Or you need to remove a stump and cannot get an excavator in, or there are services located nearby?  Then let us help with our non-destructive digging vacuum truck to expose roots to be cut and or stumps to be remoted or trees for replanting.


Got Sucked In to help out on an underfloor leak in the centre of a commercial arcade. On time, considerate of the job constraints and straight up a professional. If you have a tricky excavation around services get Sucked In. Thanks John.

Ben & Carly Perren

These guys do an amazing job, brown driveway is now sparkling clean!!! 5 Stars, professional and easy going attitudes, incredible service!

Markus W Smith

These guys are a professional & reliable. Highly recommend John for any Vacuum Excavation Works.

Ben Perren

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Vacuum Excavation Truck 4000L tank, 2000L water.
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